Saturday, 28 October 2017

For my beloved Grandma

On October 27th 2017, just after 2330, my maternal grandmother passed away.

Margaret Harron was a strong and inspiring woman, who led our family with love, laughter, kindness and a whole lot of sass. She lived to the age of 95, and passed away after a day surrounded by loved ones, under the watchful care of her daughters.

Her life was blessed with 3 children- now grown; my uncle John, my aunt Diane and my mother Carrol. Her children brought 5 grand children into her life; my cousins Brendan and Cedric, myself and my sister Jessica and the youngest cousin- albeit still a grown man- Tristan. From her grandchildren, Margaret was further blessed with two beautiful great grand-daughters; Bentlee and Jojo.

Although her passing was sudden, I take comfort in the beauty surrounding it:

On short notice, our family was able to come from across the country to sit at her bedside and send her off with love and laughter.

Throughout our visits, Grandma- who is quite deaf- kept asking if we could hear Opera music. We couldn't, but were glad she did, she seemed to enjoy it.

And my sister made me aware of this beautiful fact- After being separated from her husband for so many years; Tom Harron passed away while their children were in their late teens, they will finally be reunited in heaven for their diamond anniversary.

It's beautiful to imagine that while we were sitting around my grandmother's bed, an ethereal orchestra played an opera to guide her through the pearly gates to my grandfather who has been waiting patiently for their reunion.

I love you Grandma.

You were one Hell of a Matriarch, and our family is lucky to have learned so much from you.


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